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The World’s Quickest Personality Test

Every teacher has their favourite topics to discuss in class.  Mine happen to be Psychology and Crime. It doesn’t matter what level I’m teaching or what kind of students are in my class, I’ll always try to crowbar that theme in somehow:

So Pepe, what’s the worst crime you have ever committed and how did you feel while doing it?

I think my predilection for introducing this topic into any classroom discussion stems from the fact I studied Psychology at university 20 years ago and my tutor was psychologist, author and performer, Professor Dr Wiseman

Anyway, enough name-dropping but he is probably the best teacher I’ve ever had. Further proof in my opinion that teaching is all about understanding the psychological make-up of your learners.

I used the short clip as a lead-in to a lesson about personality types and adjectives to describe personality. It worked like a dream.


I'm a teacher trainer doing lots of different things in Granada, Spain and back in the UK. I've been a Course Director on Trinity TESOL programmes, worked as an EAP tutor at universities in the UK, spent a couple of years as a DoS at a wonderful school in London, and have also dabbled in online teaching, course creation, blogging and materials development.

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