Trinity TESOL Course in Granada

There are thousands of TEFL courses around the world. Before spending £1000 or more on a course, you should consider if teaching English is a job for you. This short ebook – which you can buy for the price of a cup of coffee – should provide you with the information you need about the TEFL industry.

If you are thinking about taking a TEFL course, you could do far worse than enrol in our Trinity TESOL course in Granada, Spain.


While other courses may provide excellent training, only courses validated by Trinity or Cambridge are officially recognised in the UK. This means that you will maximise your employment opportunities by having a Trinity TESOL or Cambridge CELTA certificate.

Follow this link to find out more information about our Trinity Cert TESOL course in Granada at Teach English Spain.

One thought on “Trinity TESOL Course in Granada

  1. Hi Dylan,

    I came across your website and blog while searching google for common pronunciation errors by Spanish speakers.
    I am a teacher of English just about to do my phonology presentation for the Trinity Dip and wondered if you had any useful ideas on how to present and include some useful activities.
    I could not find your email address so contacted you through this page.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
    I really enjoyed reading your articles and blog they are so interesting and amusing.
    I have taught in Spain in the south in Marbella and Gran Canaria, also Catalonia and can so relate to a lot of the stories and typical Spanish mistakes but in a kind and sympathetic way. 🙂
    Spain is a brilliant country i really miss it.
    Currently in Glasgow at the moment.

    Well would be nice to hear from you

    Best wishes


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